Clear Shave Gel

Free on Friday Off Schedule is a shaving gel, created transparent and without foam, especially for shaving to be delicate, and for every movement to be predictable and calculated in advance. Creates a thick film on the skin, which ensures easy sliding of the blade and safe shaving. Gently cleanses, softens, and tones the skin. Has the effect of anesthesia - after application to the skin cools and reduces sensitivity, making shaving more comfortable.

  • does not foam, keeps transparency;
  • creates a feeling of "local anesthesia" (substitutes pre-shave);
  • works with all types of machines and shovels;
  • leaves a cooling effect on the skin after rinsing.

POLYACRYLATE, ALGIN - a complex of polymers containing natural seaweed alginate, which creates a film on the skin for easy movement of the blade and makes shaving safer.
Active components:
Extracts of sweet mint and menthol - create a "cold shock" effect on the skin to reduce discomfort and pain.
Hyaluronic acid - keeps water molecules on the skin, providing a feeling of freshness and toning the skin.
Pullulan is a powerful care complex that creates a three-dimensional network on the skin to ensure elasticity.