Refreshing Shower Gel

Free on Friday Minutes On Repeat - moisturizing shower gel with a pleasant aroma of mint and citrus. We are the only ones on the Ukrainian market who use natural crystalline menthol in the production instead of essential solutions, so our gel has a really refreshing and toning effect. Its use in the morning and after active training will provide you with vitality for the whole day.

  • Delicately cleanses and does not create excess foam;
  • Strong tonic and refreshing effect;
  • All-natural components.

Sulfates of exclusively organic origin (from palm oil and sugar cane) clean the skin without overdrying it.
Active components:
Essential oil of sweet mint and menthol - affect the cold receptors of the skin, creating a refreshing effect and regulating the number of bacteria that are responsible for body odor, which allows you to stay clean for longer.
Eucalyptus essential oil - helps regulate the sebaceous glands and inhibit the growth of microorganisms, preventing rashes on the skin.