Daily Shampoo

Free on Friday Earlier Today - the perfect men's shampoo-conditioner for the daily care of all hair types. Enriched with useful ingredients, the formula moisturizes and strengthens hair, making it docile, elastic, and well-groomed. Used by professional barbershops - a proven tool that is trusted by professionals.

  • Professional comprehensive hair care;
  • Easily washes away styling;
  • Works as pre-styling;
  • Creates a creamy foam that does not irritate the eyes.

Sulfates of exclusively organic origin (from palm oil and sugar cane) thoroughly clean the hair, without overdrying the scalp and without forming dandruff and static charge.
Active components:
The complex of glucose derivatives creates a "second cuticle" on the hair, which makes the hair denser and stronger. Due to its action at the level of ionic bonds, it has a deep restorative power - with constant use, hair becomes healthier and more alive.