Styling Powder


Free on Friday Major Moment is a powder for daily natural styling of short hair, our pride, and every man's dream. Ideal for fine hair and lovers of tousled hairstyles. Quickly and effortlessly gives hair the desired shape, matte effect, lightness, and volume. Thanks to the gentle air texture of the powder, the hair retains its natural mobility, does not stick together, and looks fresh and elastic. The most convenient and practical to use, easy to lay on the hair, without requiring special skills for modeling. If necessary, the hairstyle can be easily corrected or changed during the day.

  • Light hold;
  • Natural matte finish;
  • Extra volume;
  • All hair types;
  • Extremely convenient and economical to use.


SILICA is a carrier of a large number of fixing polymers, easily soluble in hair, and resistant to sticking.

GLYCERIN is vegetable glycerin that retains a fixing polymer on the hair and moisturizes the scalp at the same time.

Active components:

POLYQUATERNIUM-46 - the patented polymer of the new generation, keeps fixing even in the conditions of high humidity, facilitates combing, and does not stick hair.