Matt Hair Paste

Free on Friday Stop-Motion is a professional modeling paste for medium-length hair and long hairstyles. Thanks to the homogeneous texture, you can create completely different hairstyles, from classic for everyday to avant-garde with disheveled hair. Does not aggravate, and has a matte effect. There is still movement in the styling, the hairstyle looks natural, without greasy shine and hair sticking. Flexible fixation provides the perfect hairstyle even during a very busy day.

  • Medium flexible hold;
  • Matte finish;
  • Easily washed off hands and hair;
  • A pleasant scent of mint and citrus.

Water base.
Active components:
COPERNICIA CERIFERA WAX (Carnauba wax) - has an organic plant origin, gives the product density, while maintaining its plasticity, and ensures a smooth and even application, creating a flexible fixing film on the hair.
KAOLIN - has an organic certificate, gives the hair a matte finish, absorbs sebum, and helps to keep the freshness of styling longer.