TIME TO RECHARGE (Musthave Giftset of Essentials)

If you order as a gift, hurry up so that no one overtakes you, because the set is worthy. Be the first, warn, and reserve this right! And if you order for yourself, make sure that you can withstand the pressure of quality products and do not start washing and shaving five times a day.

The main task of a race participant before the race is to accumulate energy. Not to train, not to drive, not to go to the gym, but only to look at the engineers, exchange words, and then be in a quiet room alone with yourself. And it works with any important business. Ten minutes of a pleasant routine — and there is an opportunity to reflect and gain strength for future accomplishments. And if it is ten minutes of a fresh shower or shaving, then not only strength but also self-confidence appear.

The set is packed in a leather case from the Ukrainian brand Pohvalin:
  • premium quality leather of Italian and Ukrainian production;
  • dense textile lining;
  • laconic design;
  • branded exclusive color (black with blue);
  • inside is waterproof cotton, which is important for a travel kit.

In the set: